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Over 15 years ago restaurateur Firok Shield saw an opportunity. After the near immediate success of his Da Giovanni restaurant, Shield looked to enter the California wine world. da giovanni family wines

He began with two wines sourced from Sonoma County: a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot. By the end of the decade Da Giovanni Cellars found broad appeal with its 2003 Zinfandel and expanded to a portfolio of 24 exquisite & limited choice of these approachable, yet complex & luscious wines from the world renowned Wine Appellations of Northern California, establishing the Cellar's reputation on the floor of his 3 Carmel restaurants, that has spread well beyond state lines.

‘Wine’ is a vast dynamic world and our discoveries of small vineyard-sourced grapes, and winemaking ingenuity, led to the establishment of Block 57 Cellars. Despite and because of acclaim, Shield was BLOCKED from opening a wine tasting room by the collective actions of Carmel’s existing wine tasting rooms.

Block 57 Cellars recognized at outset the value in advocating for the wine lover. Block 57 Cellars can’t be blocked.

Block 57 Cellars skips the clichés and pretensions of the wine business; no coercion, no wine clubs. Instead, Block 57 finds its roots at the table side, and lets you, the customer, take control. We encourage you to enjoy glasses, flights and bottles of Block 57’s six wines--Pinot Grigio and Barrel-Fermented Chardonnay from Sonoma County; Cabernet and Petit Syrah from Napa; and our French-inspired Fusion and Gold-Medal-Winning Meritage blends.

Surprisingly affordable, these unique selections are very drinkable now, or with the benefit of bottle aging, They will continue to develop elegantly & be stunning for years to come.

Experience the unblock-able ‘Block 57’ sensation for Yourself.


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2012 Pinot Grigio, Sonoma County Reserve $19
Acidic with hints of fresh pineapple and guava on the palate. Lemongrass finish.

2012 Chardonnay, Sonoma County, Barrel Fermented $24
Creamy and plush. Notes of crime brûlée, banana and soft toasty oak.

2012 Fusion Red, California $18
Blend of Syrah, Carignane, and Merlot. Tannic with dark fruit; herbaceous and earthy.

2011 Sonoma Meritage - Double Gold Medal Winner $34
Blend of Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot.

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa County $33
Structured with bold tannins. Blackberry, spinach, and plum. Oaky, lingering berry finish.

2011 Petit Sirah, Napa Valley $34
Deep and rich. Soft tannins with aromas of cinnamon, fig, and mint. Nutty on palate.

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Block 57 Descriptions and Wine Pairings

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa County
Cabernet is King in Napa Valley -And this delicious wine exemplifies why.
A delicate wine packed with aromas of blackberry and raspberry that anticipate the lavish flavors echoed within, framed by lush cassis, plum, sour cherry and sweet vanilla. Beautifully proportioned with polished tannins and a lingering, very-berry finish.

Share this fruit-forward Napa County Cabernet at your next dinner party accompanied by prime rib and rosemary mashed potatoes.
A definite crowd pleaser, it also makes a perfect gift for red wine lovers.

Grilled items: Lamb loin chops, rib eye steak, marinated eggplant
Slow-cooked dishes : Beef Bourguignon, lamb stew, beef short ribs
Roasted meats : Beef tenderloin smothered in mushrooms, prime rib, pot roast

About the Appellation
The Napa Valley
This small world-famous region, about an hour north of San Francisco, produces only 4% of California’s wine.
The Mediterranean climate and low fertility, well-drained soils allow this narrow corridor to grow a great number of varieties with remarkable success.
The combination of warm, sunny days and cool, foggy nights gradually brings the grapes to full maturity while retaining vibrant acidity.

2012 Fusion Red, California
Ripe, sweet fruit and smooth, round flavors.
Rich and lush on the palate with a lingering silky finish.

Our California Fusion Red is always a great partner for grilled burgers or sausage.
On family video night, this is the go-to wine for your favorite pizza.

Rhone Valley style varietal Red Wine Blend
84% Syrah, 12% Carignane, 2% Merlot, 2% Red Wine Varietals


Grilled Foods: Pork or Chicken Sausage, Blue Cheese Burgers
Tomato-based dishes: Spaghetti & Meatballs or Lasagna
Slow-cooked dishes: Lamb Stew or Chicken Gumbo

2012 Chardonnay, Sonoma County
Barrel Fermented Reserve. Rich, full and creamy, the bright tropical aroma of pineapple and banana spills out of the glass, beautifully integrated with Honeycrisp apple, fresh pear, warm clove creme brulee and toasty oak.

Full on the palate, the plush, round flavors echo the aroma elaborated by ripe melon, lemon curd, fresh cream and toffee. Refreshing, lemon-cream finish.

Tuck this in your picnic basket for the next outdoor concert to complement creamy Saint Andre cheese, thinly sliced prosciutto and fresh bread.
This rich, luscious Chardonnay is the perfect gift for that person who seems to have it all.

Seafood: Grilled Mahi Mahi, smoked salmon, grilled prawns, lobster salad
Poultry & Meats: Smoked turkey, roast chicken, roast pork loin, sautéed veal chop with Chardonnay reduction
Pasta Dishes: Alfredo, Pasta Carbonara, pasta primavera, cream and lemon-based pastas
Vegetables: Vegetable frittata, mushroom and cheese tart, grilled eggplant, smoked mozzarella

2011 Petite Sirah, Napa Valley
Deep & rich in color with soft tannins. Fresh aromas of figs and light spices greet the senses, while dark fruit flavors are enhanced by note of plum, toasty oak and a hint of hazelnuts on the palate.

Don’t be afraid to cellar this wine for a few months before enjoying, the extra time will allow the bright acidity to integrate with the fruit & oak characters.

Entertaining friends? Impress their palates with this less common varietal.
Open for a quiet night in when you get to linger over dinner and conversation.

Slow-cooked dish: Pork Tenderloin or Short Rips
Grilled Meats: T-Bone or Rib-Eye Steak or a fine juicy burger
Pasta Dishes: Pasta Puttanesca with lots of bold olive, caper and tomato flavors.

2011 Sonoma Meritage - Double Gold Medal Winner
Our winemaker artfully crafted this blend to maximize complexity and bring the interplay of varietal flavors into perfect harmony. Full and lush on the palate, with fine grained, well-integrated tannins, this Meritage weaves together a rich and complex array of cherry, green herbs, tobacco, and toasty oak, with just a touch of cedar and spice. Plush, fruit-infused finish.

Grilled meats: Ribeye steak, lamb chops, veal chops, meaty Portobello mushrooms Roasted meats: Beef, leg of lamb, marinated pork loin
Slow-cooked dishes: Oxtail risotto, beef short ribs, lamb stew, pulled pork

2012 Pinot Grigio, Sonoma County Reserve
Refreshing and full of citrus flavors with hints of pineapple & guava.
Clean, crisp finish with refreshing acidity which supports wonderful food pairing.

This is your go-to wine for a crab feed: Fresh, cracked crab, sourdough bread and a crisp green salad with a glass of our Private Reserve Pinot Grigio.
With its lively acidity, this wine is versatile enough to stand up to just about any cheese at your next wine and cheese-pairing party.

Seafood: Grilled halibut, fish and chips, Cioppino, garlic shrimp
Asian dishes: Sushi, Thai cuisine, spicy vegetable stir fry
Vegetable dishes: Salad Niçoise, green bean and feta salad

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